Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dane turns 5

Dane turned 5 on Tuesday the 13th. I can't believe I have a 5 year old. Time goes so fast. It was like Christmas all over again. It took him forever to go to sleep the night before and he woke up early the next morning. He was so excited to turn 5 because now he is "a big boy" and can do so much more (so he thinks). So we had fun opening some of his presents in the morning and then when Michael came home for dinner in the evening we opened the rest of his presents and had cake.
Camille came over to join in the party and Dane got to invite one friend over so he invited Maggie Noble over. He loves her so much (even if he tries to beat her up too often). After he opened his presents Morgan took a picture of them and Dane put his arm around Maggie and said, "oh Maggie my own little present."
Maggie also decorated her present all by herself (ok well mostly).
I also made a Lego cake as well for the occasion. It was a lot of fun. We even made one (the yellow brick) to take to preschool. All in all it was a great birthday and Dane really enjoyed his day.


Carrie said...

Oh, your cake turned out so cute! :)

The Noble Family said...

Thanks for having us to the bday party. We had a great time. The soup and cake were de-lish.