Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Little Guy is Off to Preschool

Time goes so quickly. I can't believe that Dane is already in Preschool and will be in Kindergarten next year. He loves it so much. He goes Mon, Wed and Fri. We ended up signing him up for a preschool that at gal in the Tiger Mt Ward has in her home. He is really excited every time we go and in fact he didn't want to come home today. He said he wanted to live at his preschool house, when I told him I would be sad if he didn't live with us anymore he said no no mom you move there too. So I said where is your preschool teacher going to live. He said she could live there too yeah with her 6 kids that would work. She says he is doing so well with his letters and even better with numbers. I know I couldn't believe it either, he definitely doesn't get that from Michael or myself. She always has good things to say and he is catching on so quickly. He is doing really well at writing his name and he even told me that the other day that he had a silent E in his name. He said he figured it out after learning about how sounds make words. It was too cute. I hope that his love for learning continues and that he will not need too many tutors because mom can't figure out his homework. Good luck Dane, we love you!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!!!

20 Years Ago....
1. I was a Beehive
2. I was living in Placerville
3. I was shy, if you can believe it. I really was.
4. I was more into sports. Probably because of only having 3 brothers.

10 Years Ago....
1. I met my husband Michael, but didn't know he would be my husband.
2. I was on a mission. Virginia Richmond Mission rocks!
3. I ate squirrel. Yes it tastes like chicken.
4. I learned that Virginia and West Virginia are one of the most beautiful places filled with the best people ever.

5 Years Ago....
1. I had been married for 2 years.
2. Living in Everett, Washington
3. I learned more about the internet which helped me to land the first of work at home jobs.
4. My husband was in school and we couldn't wait for him to get done.

3 Years Ago....
1. I went to Florida and Disney World.
2. I moved to Issaquah, Washington
3. Dane was 1
4. I was a Relief Society teacher, my favorite calling ever.

1 Year Ago....
1. I told myself that I needed to become more organized. Ok so I am still working on that, it is a lifetime work I think.
2. I was and am still working for Lionbridge.
3. I had been married for 6 years
4. I had a 3 yr old, need I say more.

So far this year....
1. I started teaching in Primary
2. I did a walk for brain cancer research with my friend Heather. Love you and miss you Dad.
3. I got to go to girls camp for the first time in 15 years. They actually camp up here and there is no mile swim. Dang it.
4. I have tried to be a better wife, mother and friend.

Yesterday I.....
1. Worked.
2. Was still watching the Griffiths kids
3. I stayed up way too late, what was I thinking
4. Went to church

Today I.....
1. Woke up at 4:30am (to wake up Kiah), and 7am (to wake up Sofi)
2. Went to the airport (welcome home Stacey)
3. Worked... should be doing that and not this.
4. I finally got to come home (and stay home) after 12 days.

In the next year I'll.....
1. Try to improve my self image (loose weight)
2. Attend the temple a lot more
3. Try to go on vacation somewhere
4. Try to raise money for next years brain cancer walk

I tag Carrie (thanks for keeping up with my blog), Myrna and April (I need to get to know you better)

Bustin' A Move To Thomas

Dane still loves Thomas the Tank engine and often says "Mom, I miss Thomas." He comes to the railroad museum near our house every year and so we have gotten to see him a few times. I love it that he somehow feels this connection to the real Thomas. I never would have thought they could turn a Thomas the Tank engine song into a rap but they did it. The new Thomas movie has a couple of music videos on it and Dane loves dancing and singing to it. So here is a piece of one of the songs, enjoy. Sorry it's so dark not the best lighting but entertaining. I asked Dane where he got his dance moves and he said he made them up. My favorite is when he gets on the floor and he is trying to break dance or something. Too cute.

Missing My Family

So my friend Stacey and her husband Mark went to China for 12 days and so I watched their kids for them. They live here in Issaquah but I still didn't see my family much. They are good kids but it was still hard to go from 1 to 4 kids instantly. I realized with all the craziness how much I like things to be scheduled, I also see now why the Lord usually only gives us one at a time. Anyway, I just thought I would post a picture of Michael and Dane cause I am finally home now. I know that Michael and Dane are both exctied to have me back. I missed them so much, they are everything to me and I love them very much. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. Ahh

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vance's Baptism in Utah

So the first weekend in September we drove, yep drove out to Utah. It was a long, hot and boring drive, but we would do it all over again for Vance. We are proud of him getting baptized. He is such a good example for Dane. It was so fun to see our family and some friends. While we were there Ken went for a job interview to California and so they will be moving back to Sacramento.
So here are some pictures from that weekend the top picture is Ken, Kamie, Cassady, Hannah, Vance and Samuel. Then My mom and I. A picture of Robert and April (with Robert actually smiling with his teeth showing). Finally Dane and Hannah.

Dane is still cute as ever!!!

Dane keeps getting bigger every day. We are so grateful for him and he is a ray of sunshine. I am so glad that I get to stay home with him. It amazes me each day how fast he is learning. I just really love this picture and wanted to post it for all.

A Great Shot at the Space Needle

So this was when we went to the Science Center. I got this great shot of Dane in front of the Space Needle.

Pacific Science Center

This is a cool water fountain/sprinkler (when it's hot enough) in downtown Seattle

So one of Dane's favorite places in Seattle is the Pacific Science Center. The special exhibit was all about fast cars so we definitely had to go in August. We took a large group and headed downtown and had a lot of fun. It is all hands on fun learning things for kids. Dane even held the cockroach and I thought Maggie was going to take it home as a pet. Morgan would have loved that.

Creative At Heart

So I was letting Dane paint outside on his whiteboard and then noticed that he was covered in paint. What else can you do but laugh, take a picture and then hose them down.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Do you like the purple padding fabric on our cabin? Our group name was "Waiting for our Starry Knights"

Issaquah 1st Ward Girls!!!

So it was a last minute thing this year, but I got to go to Girls Camp. It was so great. I seriously had the best unit there. We had two unit counslers in each group and the other counsler was awesome too. You are my hero Angela. I had been in Young Women's in my other wards for so long but with working and schedules I had never been able to go to camp with them. Anyway, I am teaching the 8 yr olds in Primary but still got to go. We had a great group of girls who taught me so much. I really learned a lot about myself this year. It's amazing the things we learn about ourselves when the Lord tweeks our view. I really hope they let me go again in the future. I had an opportunity to reflect on camp from when I was in Young Women's. It was such a blessing in my life and really helped me to gain a testimony. I also realized that when I went to camp I wasn't really camping. They really camp in this stake, but it was awesome. It was also nice to get to know the girls better in our ward. They are small in numbers but giant in spirit. They are such great girls and I love how accepting they are of even us goofy leaders. Love ya girls.

Jumping Boy!!!

Dane loves to jump off of everything. One day he just kept jumping off of this cart behind our house, so I started snapping shots. He was having so much fun. Then he laid down for a little break and jumped right back up for more jumping.