Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Things Kids Say!

So my friend Brenda and I took Dane to a movie on Saturday, Madagascar 2 it was hilarious. We had gone a few places together that day and during our travels Dane made some very funny comments as usual. So Dane said, "hey mom guess what? I'm getting married." I laughed and then asked "oh really? So who are you going to marry?" "Emma" he said, with no thought about it. "Then I'm going to wish for babies." Brenda and I laughed and then I said ok just make sure you ask her first and maybe wait a few years. The whole day was great. We had a lot of laughs, Brenda kept asking "hey Dane what do I like to do?" "I like to move it move it!" They played the song in the movie it was so funny cause he would start laughing and dancing. Love it! Later that night Brenda sent Dane this link he keeps watching it over and over.

Halloween 2008

This year Dane had a great Halloween. He decided that he wanted to be Spiderman. He is in Preschool now so they had a party at school and got to frost cookies, decorate pumpkins and play of course. That night we went to the church for trunk or treat and Dane was a little nervous at first but then jumped right in and began to collect as much as he could. It was fun the kids just go in circles collecting as much as they can get. Then Dane's friend Kai invited us to go trick or treating with him around his house so we went to another 10 houses or so. He and Kai really got into the excitement of knocking on doors and even got scared by someone at one door. All in all a good night and of course way too much candy. I gave Dane the option of taking it to the dentist tomorrow to turn it into cash, they give the kids a $1/lb. He didn't want to take me up on that even when I told him that it would buy him 3 Hot Wheel cars. Still didn't take the bait. Anyway, here are some pictures of Spiderman and Wolverine. We got the Wolverine (Michael's favorite) on Saturday for half price. We started taking pictures and he all of a sudden started posing for every shot. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!