Tuesday, October 14, 2008


At Dane's preschool they get to share something everday. Sheri tells us what they are learning about and then we bring something do with the letter or subject they are studying. This week they are learning about spiders and the letter S so we were supposed to bring something that started with S or about spiders. Since he wore his spider shirt on Monday and the next best thing was bringing a live spider (which I talked him out of). So I got on my crafty hat and made spider suckers. Wow a double wammy. Anyway, Dane helped me and it was a fun and kid friendly project with a little bit of clean up, my favorite kind. So I took a picture cause they turned out so cute.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Children's Museum

My friend Carrie and I took our kids to the Children's Museum in Bellevue on Friday night. It was so much fun and it's free on Friday nights, can't get better than that. Anyway, Dane and Emma had a blast. They have a treehouse and all different kinds of things to do with water. They even had a big rig in there so the kids could see what it was like. All different types of sounds and experiments. A very good place to be loud. Of course Dane's favorite place was the backyard (I think he would live outside if I would let him) they have a train table so we had to spend some time there. They loved it and it is always fun to get out with friends to have some chit chat time with friends when the kids have lots of space to run. All in all a good night. Thanks Carrie!!!

Salmon Days 2008

Here in Issaquah we have Salmon Days the first weekend in October (which usually falls on conference weekend). It is a really big community event. People come from all over to come see all the stuff for sale, eat and of course see the salmon. This year it was raining pretty hard and it was windy on top of that so we did not go for too long this year. Anyway, Michael likes to see what all the artist have done and I like to see all the cute crafty things. Dane loves all the kid things they had at the park including the train (which I opted out of this year), and the bounce houses, that is a new favorite this year with 4th of July and Salmon Days. When we were waiting in line for the train Dane's friend Rees was behind us so he rode with him and his dad Brian. For me it is one of those things I can only handle for so long and then ok I'm done. I am like my Mom not so big on fairs. Here are some sprinkler made out of copper that this guy was selling. I do love how they have different types of crafts, it's great.