Friday, August 14, 2009

Cats, in the trees and on the ground

We love our kitty red and he makes us laugh all the time. He is always shooting across the grass or the house.
Well one day we came outside and couldn't find Red but we could here him. Dane happened to look up and that's where we found Red.


The Noble Family said...

I am so glad to see that Kitty Red has made the blog and you have finally posted something since the last post was in February. It was a good post but come on. You have more things going on in your life to blog about!

Heath694 said...


staceygriff said...

that's funny. Miles was just asking me the other day if one of our cats got stuck in a tree would we call the fireman to come get him out? I think Miles just saw a clifford show or something where that happened. That's a great photo of Red in the tree. I can just hear Dane laughing.